Wireless Loop Detector

Access One's EZ Loop is a wireless vehilce detector that eliminates the costly need for hard wired loops and reduces labor costs.  The EZ Loop is a wireless probe that is placed in the driveway and sends a wireless signal to the gate operator when a vehicle is detected.  Installing the EZ Loop is extremely simple.  One technician with a drill can install a complete reverse, shadow and exit loop system in less than an hour.  Think of the time and money that will be saved not having to use two technicians, a concrete saw, and added hours needed to install old fashion wire loops.  Finally the 2" diameter of the ground sensor eliminates unsightly saw cuts and is ideal for stamped concrete or paver driveways giving the customer a clean look.
  • Simple to install using a 2" drill bit
  • Eliminates unsightly saw cuts
  • Four loop system installs in 1 hour
  • Simple learn and program buttons
  • LCD for easy programming and status
  • One relay board functions as four loop detectors
  • Four relays for Reverse, Exit, Shadow and Auxiliary
  • 12-24 VAC or VDC works with most gate operators
  • Please read and follow all restrictions and understand all limitations

AP100 Relay Board

Access Point Relay Board

  • One board functions as four loop detectors
  • Four relays for reverse, exit, shadow, auxiliary
  • Simple to use LCD and program buttons
  • 7-Day time clock with gate open schedules and individual sensor time schedules
  • 12-24 VAC or VDC

Quick Reference

S200 Sensor

Inground Sensor Unit

  • Accessible housing for battery replacement
  • Simple installation using 2" drill bit 
  • Learn button for easy setup and programming
  • 3.6V, 19Ah battery for 1-3 years
  • Gray housing to match most concrete
  • Low Power radio chip for longer battery life

Quick Reference Manual


Surface Mount Sensor Unit

  • Same standard features as WVD-S200P
  • No holes to drill - Mounts completely above ground with epoxy or anchors
  • Basseplate attaches directly to driveway
  • Electronics section can be removed to easily replace the battery when needed
  • Dimentions:  6" x 6" x 1.5"
  • Low Power radio chip for longer battery life

Specification Sheet

Quick Reference Manual

 Installation Manual

 EZ Loop Antenna Kit

External Antenna Kit 

  • External antenna and 15ft cable for extending the radio range distance
  • Helps get the antenna out of the gate operator and up to a clear line of sight
  • LMR200 low signal loss coax cable with 6dBi N-Connector antenna
  • Strongly recommended for all applications
Quick Reference Manual
 Above Ground Cap

Above Ground Sensor Cap 

  • Above Ground Cap extends the radio range distance up to 75 feet
  • Pulls the sensor up 1" to allow the antenna to be above the installation hole
  • Cap is 6" wide, 1.25"high, with a gentle curve to reduce stubbing
  • Strongly recommended for all inground installations (except in snow areas)
Quick Reference Manual


  S200P Pro
Above Ground
S600SM Pro
Above Ground
10-15 feet 15-20 feet 15-20 feet
AP100-PA with
External Antenna
15-25 feet 20-125 feet 20-125 feet

Distances are averages and will vary upon each applications.  Some applications will experience longer distances and some will experience shorter distances.  Location of the antenna, hills, clear line of sight from the antenna to each sensor, and outside radio interference will have significant effects on the distance.

S600SM Sensor

Restrictions and Limitations:

Please read and follow all restrictions and understand all limitations.  Do not install this product if it exceeds any limitations or does not abide by all restrictions.

  1. This device is intended for vehicular traffic only.  Keep all pedestrian traffic including bicycles away from any vehicular gate.
  2. Do not use this product for use with motorcycles unless proper safety photo beams and safety edges are installed.
  3. This product is a wireless device and subject to occasional communication failures.  Therefore proper safety photo beams and safety edges should be used in conjunction to the system.
  4. Detection distance and performance will vary based upon location of each application.
  5. Average detection distance from the sensor is approximately 8ft wide x 4ft deep x 3-4ft high.  In some occasions the distance may be less and in some occasions the distance may be more.
  6. Detection range is similar to a rectangular bubble around the sensor.
  7. There is a 1-2 second delay from the sensor detecting and the relay activating.  This is normal to help prevent false activations from the earth's magnetic spikes.  The sensor must see a full second detection before sending the detect signal and the sensor must be cleared a full second before sending the off signal.
  8. Special attention is required for applications with commercial trucks with high trailers due to the limited detection height.  Added time delay may be needed.
  9. This product is not recommended to be used as a down loop for a barrier arm application due to the possibility of a quick loss in detection while a vehicle is present.  When used with barrier arms, use the product as a reverse loop and turn the barrier arm operator time delay on.
  10. This product is a wireless device and location of the AP100 Relay Board antenna and each Sensor will have a significant effect on the performance.  Try to locate the devices with as much line of sight as possible.
  11. Large walls, steel fences, foliage, etc will hamper the radio signal range.  Avoid such hazards.  Access One highly recommends the use of an external antenna and cable for all applications.
  12. The system should be checked on a regular basis by a trained and authorized installer.


Units with the Reset Feature will automatically retune and reset after detecting for more than 14 minutes.  This would allow the gate to close on a vehicle.